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Romance is what weddings are all about so we’ve been inspired to think about all things romantic for our latest blog post. Here are our favourite romantic wedding ideas.

Think Pink

Use shades of pinks, purples, reds, whites and silvers to create a sensual, romantic colour scheme. You could stick to one or two focal colours or mix different shades of the same colour for a romantic effect. Choosing different tones of colours for your flowers and decorations can create a stunning wedding theme. Having different shades of bridesmaid dresses is also a perfect way to incorporate more than one colour into your wedding. Or you could choose the same colour bridesmaid dresses but have multi-tonal flowers around the venue. Jewel tones are set to be on trend for 2019 and these work beautifully all year round – think deep purple, pink and ruby red colours! If you prefer a softer colour scheme then dusty pink, peach, lilac, grey, white and metallic colours work well too.

Candle Light and Fairy Light

Candles and fairy lights are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere and that’s why we love them here at The Kingscote Barn! Our wooden beams are ideal for wrapping fairy lights around to create a twinkly effect – our personal favourites are the copper wire fairy lights as the wire blends into the wood, giving it the effect of floating fairy lights! You can also drape fairy lights around your decorations or put them in glass jars/bowls on tables. Place different sized candles together on a wooden log slice or in different candle holders to create stunning table centrepieces. Or float candles in glass bowls/vases of water for a soft romantic effect. Candelabras are also perfect for creating a dramatic feel to the day. Carry on the theme outside and create a magical atmosphere by placing lanterns with candles in the garden and terrace area or hanging transparent baubles with LED tea lights from the trees.

Tell Your Love Story

Your wedding day is all about celebrating your love so use the day to tell your love story to the people closest to you! There are so many ways that you can incorporate your love story into your wedding. Hang polaroid photos along the wall to show the memorable parts of your relationship and write underneath each photo the date and place that the photo was taken. Name your tables for after key things in your life – dates of your ‘firsts’ (first date, first kiss etc.) or places that you have visited together. Have a photo on each table to represent the table name and a little note to explain the story behind it. Or you could make your own ‘love story’ out of a pallet of wood and write/paint on there the dates of your first date, first kiss, first house, date you got engaged and finally the date of your wedding! These quirky ideas will make your wedding more personal to you both!

Valentine Vows

Your wedding ceremony is what the day is all about so use this to set the tone for the rest of the celebrations. Choose your own romantic ceremony readings or poems to be read out by a couple of friends/family during your ceremony. You could even write your own to make it truly unique to you. Make your ceremony more meaningful by saying personal promises to each other, as well as your vows. Humanist ceremonies or blessings give you more opportunities to personalise your ceremony and make it completely how you would like it.

Love Songs

Music can easily be used to create the perfect ambience for your wedding. Walk down the aisle to a song that is special to the two of you – the first look between a couple that are about to get married is already one of the most romantic parts of the day and choosing a meaningful song will heighten this. Your first dance will be the first song that you dance to as newlyweds so make this another song that’s personal to you (whether you choose a slow number or a more upbeat song!). Put together a playlist for soft background music during your drinks reception and wedding breakfast – we love instrumental versions of classic and modern love songs. If your budget allows then splash out on live music for the day! A string quartet or harpist are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere.

Sweet Treats

Set up a ‘sweetie’ table for guests to help themselves to sweet treats throughout the day or evening. Have a couple of jars of your favourite sweets and label these for guests to see. Have ‘his and hers’ favours – give the female guests the bride’s favourite sweet treat and the male guests the groom’s favourite sweet treat. Making your own homemade favours (such as chocolates, fudge, macaroons etc.) will add another personal touch to you wedding day.



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