How to Plan a Wedding From Home in 2021

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How to plan a wedding from home in 2021

He/She ‘Put a Ring On It!’ Wooo! Congratulations! You’re getting hitched. You are about to have the wedding of your dreams. You can probably already envision it, that private Pinterest board you been planning for years can finally go public! (we know it, we all have been there!) So….let’s get you started!!

The initial steps in wedding planning can be daunting. Where do you even start? You may have an idea for what you want your special day to look like, but when you get down to the nuts and bolts, it can feel overwhelming. Not to mention, planning a wedding during COVID can be extremely difficult.

Whether you are recently engaged or have your wedding booked for 2021 there is always ways of planning your wedding from the comfort of your own home! I think we have all experienced how to do things from home following from the last 18 months we have all faced. Get those planning journals out and lets get started!!!

When it comes to planning your wedding, you do not have to rush around to see every supplier in person clocking up those miles in your car (and not forgetting the fuel prices – save those pennies where you can!) this doesn’t mean your wedding planning has to take a step back, keep on planning!

As long as you have a computer or a phone everything is at the end of your fingertips! Everyone has become pro’s at using zoom and teams now, as I am sure you reading this have too! Suppliers love to have a chat and hear all about your wedding plans so don’t be afraid to arrange this with them!


Wedding Venues? How to Book from Home?

Technology these days are so advanced that you do not have to physically stand inside a wedding venue to fall in love with it these days! Everything is so advanced, from those zoom meetings with experienced wedding coordinators to talk too, to floor plans and not forgetting those 360 virtual tours and drone footage giving you those aerial views of the venue! It is always great to get a ‘’feel’’ for a venue before seeing them in person.

Pick up a wedding book, and start reading blogs!

This one’s probably obvious since you’re already here reading this blog. But there are tons of great resources out there that can provide you with inspiration, tips, and best practices for how to plan a wedding. Social media is a huge help, set up a wedding Instagram account or if you are happy use your own! Follow lots of suppliers, watch live videos and get interacting with other fellow brides/grooms, your be amazed on how many others are planning too!

Enjoy every minute of planning! When you are married you will miss all those ‘DIY Wedding Nights’’ and those wedding spreadsheets (hard to imagine right now) – but you will look back and think – what an earth did you do before wedding planning!!  Happy Wedmin!!!

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