How We Planned our Wedding During Covid

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"Love is not Cancelled"

I am sure you can all agree with us the last 12 months will go down as one of the most difficult times in History! Frustration, Tears & Heartache I think we can all relate to that as three words that summed up 2020.

Covid-19 didn’t stop a handful of our fabulous couples from showing that any obstacle put in their way, love always found its way through! We spoke to the lovely Alice and Rob who tied the knot throughout the pandemic, from dodging lockdowns and changing their plans numerous times to account for updates in the government’s restrictions! These weddings were just fabulous, nothing was stopping them!

Alice & Rob Real Wedding December 2020

"Tell us about your engagement and your first steps to wedding planning"

Rob had arranged a weekend away, I had no idea where we were going until maybe the day before?! We woke up early and jet off to Lake Como, i had no idea where we were staying until we pulled the rented fiat 500 (very Italian) up to a gorgeous hotel on the lake, it was beautiful with an infinity pool and amazing views. Rob had arranged dinner for that evening and before I knew it we were taking a water taxi across the lake, passed George clooneys to a villa on the water. Everyone was sat out on the veranda and I was most upset when we were dragged down the old stairs to what I thought was a basement... to my surprise it was a private room adorned with fresh flower, candles and a table set for two over looking the lake. I’m a really fussy eater and Rob had arranged for the chef to make all my favourite food. It was after the food that he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. It was so special.

We spent the rest of the weekend hiring a boat to explore and relaxing by the pool – perfect! At first I wanted a small wedding, however when families get involved things soon snowball. We looked round a few venues and thought we’d found “the one” until we decided to visit Kingscote barn to rule it out. Obviously we completely changed our minds. Definitely don’t be ruled by a specific date- it’ll probably end in disappointment.


"What made you decide to go ahead with your wedding? As we can imagine it was not what you originally planned?"

Several reasons really. We just wanted to be married, after the horrendous year that 2020 had been our perspective changes. We came to the conclusion that postponing the wedding again was delaying our lives for the sake of others to have an invite. If our would’ve been guests couldn’t be happy for us and our happiness then they weren’t the invite in the first place.

Luckily all our guests were more than supportive of our decision. We live streamed the wedding and sent snack boxes for all those who watched. Also, the stress of rearranging again and again isn’t fun and was sucking all the enjoyment out of the process. After having many months of not seeing our families having an intimate wedding was perfect. It was just so special to have that really special time together and not be dragged from one guest to another. There were no expectations and everyone felt comfortable.

"Alice and Rob’s advice to other couples?"

From my point of view, you have to do what’s best for you. When planning a wedding you have opinions thrown at you from all angles, if these people truly support you and your happiness they will respect any decision you make.

The KB Team Wedding Advice to Couples:

What is important to you? Have an honest conversation between you and your partner! 

Remember why you’re getting married. Your love for each other will always win. Planning can be stressful but try to enjoy it, you’ll never do it again, so go for it! 

We will always support your decisions, and whatever you do decide just remember Love Always Wins! ❤️